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NH Research Introduces a NEW Multi-Channel Power Device Test System

dc power supply multi channel test system s650 series

Introducing the NEW S600 Series Test System for High Speed Parallel Testing

The new S600 Series Test System ( is designed for hyper-fast testing of high-volume power conversion devices such as adapters, chargers, DC converters, voltage regulator modules, AC-DC power supplies and LED power drivers. Test throughput in the range of 3000 units per hour are achieved by configuring the S600 with up to 16 independent test channels each of which provides both stimulus and precision measurement of device performance.

All device input and output measurements are made by high speed digitization of analog waveforms. Once digitized any number of static and dynamic measurements can be made with high precision including power with milliwatt accuracy. Through such technology, normally additional test instruments such as DSOs, Power Meters, and DMMs are unnecessary thereby eliminating extra cost and slower test speeds.

The basic 16-channel mainframe provides many configuration options including 150 W, 300W and 600W loads. While all loads have built-in digital measurements, a new Digital Power Analyzer in a single card form is available for all device input measurements.

Bulk AC and DC power sources are also available from NH Research to complete the necessary input stimulus for the test system.

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