NH Research, Inc.’s 9200 Battery Test System Reaches Over 100 Installations

Battery Test System Testing Everything From Fuses to Batteries to Power Electronics Such as Chargers & DC-DC Converters

Battery Test System 9200 Series - NH Research, Inc. (NHR)NH Research’s is pleased to announce its reached over 100 installations of its 9200 Battery Test System. This test system has gained world-wide acceptance due to its modular design, unique built in hardware features, and flexible control options.

These systems can be found in many key universities, national research and certification laboratories, military installations, as well as companies involved in space, defense, battery manufacturing/research, and many more applications.

There are currently more than 100 separate test systems deployed in the field in countries around the world and the number is growing.

The 9200 Battery Test System provides 3 basic modes of operation including a charging system (or power supply), a programmable electronic load, or a seamless 2-quadrent power source which emulates a battery by regulating a DC link voltage regardless of the direction of current flow.

Some of the more unique applications include: Certification of PV fuses, current transducer reliability and manufacturing, battery research for grid tied frequency regulation schemes, on board and wireless charging development, and 2nd life battery testing.

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