Multi Channel Power Supply Tester s670 Series

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Multi Channel Power Supply Tester – S600 Series

Multi Channel Power Supply Tester for High-Speed Parallel Testing of Adapters, Chargers, LED Power Drivers, DC Converters, Voltage Regulator Modules, Point-of-Load Converters & AC-DC Power Supplies.


  • Maximum test throughput through parallel testing of multiple devices & outputs
  • Ease of reconfiguration or expansion through front-loading, card-based instruments
  • Built-in waveform digitizers on all instruments
  • Space-saving design
  • emPower® Test Executive

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Model S600 Multi-Channel Testers combine a wide range of configuration options with extremely fast test speeds to deliver the lowest unit-cost-of-test for high-volume power conversion devices such as AC-DC power supplies, adapters, chargers, LED power drivers, DC converters, and voltage regulator modules. S600s may be configured to efficiently test anything between a single supply with as many as 16 outputs, 16 separate single-output supplies or any combination of supplies and outputs between those two limits.


Power Supply Multi Channel Test System S670 Series - NH Research, Inc.

  • Digital loads with Advanced Measurement Capability
  • Software test executive emPower® for rapid test sequencing
  • Compact cabinet choices (3 standard sizes)


  • Built in features require fewer test devices
  • Ease of reconfiguration or expansion through front-loading
  • Space-saving design

S600 Multi-Channel Power Supply Tester Specifications

Model #S650S670S680  
Voltage600VDC, 350VRMS, Vpk+, Vpk-
Current20ADC, 20ARMS, Ipk+, Ipk-
PowerAverage, True, Apparent, Reactive, Power Factor
Frequency10 – 1000Hz
WaveformRise Time, Fall Time, Settling Time, Turn-On Time, Hold-Up Time, Time Event, THD
TimingTrigger In, DIN State & Time
Record Length256K Points
Common EquipmentDell PowerEdge Server preconfigured w/ emPower Test Executive (1U), 4300 16-Slot Chassis (5U) & pass-through cable management slot (1U)
Overall Cabinet Height*30”49”61”  
Instrument Space24.5” (14U)40.25” (23U)52.5” (30U)  
* includes 2” casters, 2 U reserved for internal wiring.

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power supply multi channel test system s670 series

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Application Testing

The S600 Series Multi-Channel Test Systems are useful for testing the following applications & products:
AC-DC Power Supplies, Adapters, Chargers, DC Converters, LED Power Drivers, Point-Of-Load Converters, Voltage Regulator Modules

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