engineering characterization test system model 5700

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Engineering Characterization Test System – Model 5700

DC Power Supply Test System for Engineering Characterization/Design Verification Testing, Power Supplies Testing, Defense Avionics Testing, & More!


  • Fastest method of all-inclusive functional testing DC power supplies
  • Advanced multi-input measurement instrumentation
  • Library of prewritten characterization test routines
  • Engineering report writer with scope waveform captures.
  • Flexible configurations with 3rd party instrumentation.

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The Engineering Characterization Test System, model 5700, is designed to yield comprehensive test data on a power supply with a minimum of programming effort. Such characterization testing is typically done in an engineering design-verification laboratory where the user’s own designs or vendor prototypes are evaluated. This type of extensive testing is also often required for high-reliability power supplies such as those used in defense avionics and other mission-critical applications. The 5700 test system is configurable with a wide variety of 3rd-party test instruments to meet special testing requirements.

PowerScope High Speed Digitizer

A high-speed digitizer supplements the core Digital Measurement System on the 5700 Test System. It provides three 8-bit analog signal digitizing channels with 200 MSPS sample rate and 16 channels of digital signal input. The combination allows high speed digital and analog information to be synchronously captured and displayed. With up to 32MS/channel memory, the PowerScope can capture fast, non-repetitive transients with relatively long separation from their triggering event. All PowerScope measurements are isolated and differential to minimize ground noise and eliminate the possibility of an electrical short circuit should measurement grounds be inadvertently connected.

The Engineering Characterization Test System, model 5700, also contains the Digital Measurement System (DMS), which features a 2×16, 100MHz multiplexer combined with 2 waveform digitizers. In addition to the higher bandwidth, the DMS provides highly accurate channel-channel timing measurements and corresponding waveform displays. Should more than 16-input measurement channels be required, multiple 15-input expansion chassis can be added to the system.

Design Verification Test Routines

What makes the PowerScope so powerful is a special suite of emPower™ test routines that utilize the digitized information generated by the above hardware to determine power supply performance characteristics far beyond that available on typical production testers. More than 20 different measurements can be extracted from each waveform capture and channel-to-channel measurements. An example of this capability is sweep tests where one parameter, typically efficiency, is plotted across the full range of another parameter such as output voltage or power. Such a test can now be programmed and executed in minutes rather than the hours and days required by previous generation test systems.

Model 5700 Engineering Characterization Test System Specifications

Instrument Type AC Sources DC Sources High-Power Loads Modular DC Loads Modular DC Supplies
Power 2.7 to36kVA 5 to 36 kW 6-36kW* 300W 450W
Voltage to 400V to 500V 120/600V 0.7-120/2.1-450V 20/40/80/450V
Current to 200A to 1400A 7200/1800A 60A 60/30/15/8A
Frequency 500Hz
* The above specifications show typical test system configurations. Contact NH Research, Inc. for more information and assistance in customizing a 5700 Engineering Characterization System

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Application Testing

The Model 5700 Engineering Characterization/Design Verification Test System is useful for testing the following applications & products:
Power Supplies, Defense Avionics, Mission-Critical Applications