data acquisition instruments (DAQ) - dt8874-48

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Data Acquisition Instruments (DAQ)

Data Acquisition Device For Use With Enerchron® Test Management Software


  • Single box including Voltage, Temp & resistance temperature detector (RTD)
  • 24-bit DAQ-per-channel design
  • Wide measurement ranges
  • Fully isolated channel-to-channel design
  • No test channel-to-DAQ (data acquisition device) usage dependency
  • Easy expansion to higher channel count

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Each data acquisition device channel provides its own high resolution 24-bit DAQ, a separate per channel measurement range, and each channel is fully isolated from all other channels. This makes it possible for adjacent voltage channels to measure cell voltages as well as module, string and pack voltages at the same time (figure 1). Additionally, temperature measurement channels are independently programmable for each thermocouple type (B, E, J, K, N, R, S, and/or T) allowing any combination of temperature sensors to be used.


  • Breaks the traditional test channel to DAQ dependency
  • Allows measurements from any channel to be utilized by any test
  • DAQ (data acquisition device) can be placed closer to the UUT
  • Allows configuration which best suits the testing needs


  • Modular approach
  • No limit to the amount or type of data acquisition channels
  • Allows for future expansion of the system

Data Acquisition Instrument Specifications

The most commonly selected DAQ instrument is the DT8874 series which is a modular single box design. This model is available in 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, or 48 versions which may include any combination of voltage, temperature and RTD channels to be specified in groups of 8.

ModelVolt IsolationCommon Mode Voltage RangeTotal Channels
Note: In groups of 8 channels (Voltage or Temperature)
Note: In groups of 8 channels (Voltage or Temperature)
Note: In groups of 4 channels (Voltage)
DT8824500V±500V4 High-Speed Voltage Channels
±10V, ±1.25V, ±0.625V, ±0.315V
Note: In groups of 4 channels (Voltage)
DT8824-HV1400V±1400V4 High-Speed Voltage Channels
±600V, ±75V, ±37.5V, ±18.75V

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data acquisition instruments (daq)

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Application Testing

The Data Acquisition Instruments are useful for testing the following products & applications:
Battery Packs, Chargers, Electric Vehicles (EV), Electric Vehicles Supply Equipment (EVSE), Flow Batteries, Fuel Cells, In-Device Testing, Microgrid Testing, Pack Controllers 9v & 12v Batteries, Primary Battery Systems (Alkaline, Lithium), Redox Batteries, Secondary Battery Systems (Rechargeable, Lithium-Ion), Service Disconnects, Super Capacitors, Wire Harnesses

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