Regenerative AC Load - Model 9430

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Regenerative 4-Quadrant AC Load – Model 9430

Regenerative AC Load with Linear & Non-Linear AC Loading in Several Emulation Modes with User-Defined Waveforms, Power & Crest Factor Control.


  • 8 Sizes – 4 to 96kW
  • Single, Split or Three-Phase programmable
  • 10 to 350VAC
  • 30 to 880Hz
  • DC operation to 10 to 400VDC
  • Reactive power capability 2.6 x Real Power
  • Sink power regenerated back to facility with >90% efficiency
  • Power factor range: -1 to +1
  • Crest factor range: 1.414 to 4.000
  • High-resolution waveform digitizer
  • 9” Touch-Panel user interface
  • High power density/minimum rack space

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The 9430 is a current-regulated, 4-quadrant AC load with selectable phase inputs/outputs and a built-in waveform digitizing measurement system. In the sink mode, it sends power back to the facility mains rather than dissipated as heat. The 9430 has the capability of simulating almost any linear or non-linear load. Applications include testing of UPSs, AC sources, inverters, rectifiers, switches, circuit breakers and fuses.


regenerative ac load model 9430

  • Worlds 1st full-featured 4-quadrant AC Electronic Load
  • 100% Si-C based design with hi reactive current capabilities (HiVAR)
  • 350VAC l-n up to 880Hz & 400VDC
  • Multiple Loading Modes including:
    • Constant Current (CC) / Power (CP) / VA (CS)
    • Constant Resistance (CR)
    • Constant Series RL (CRL)
    • User definable current waveforms
  • Simplifies automated test stand development
  • Built in measurement system:
    • Triggerable set &ammp; measurement
    • Software selectable 1, 2, or 3 Phase operation
    • Isolated digital inputs & outputs
    • Built-in SW watchdog & safety limits
  • Software tools to shorten test development time:
    • PC-based tools & NI certified drivers
    • NI certified LabVIEW & IVI-C/IVI-COM drivers


  • Regenerative, returns greater than 90% of power to the facility, which provides significant electrical savings.
  • Field upgradeable to higher power
  • Fully emulate any power usage profile
  • Simulate non-ideal & transient phase currents

Model 9430 Regenerative AC Load Specifications

Model #9430-49430-89430-129430-249430-369430-489430-729430-96
AC Loading Programmability
Phases/Output ChannelsSingleSingle, Split-PhaseSingle, Split or 3-Phase
Input Voltage (LR,HR)10-175, 350VRMS L-N (split-phase limited to 250V max)
Current Limit Set Ranges (per ф)0-6, 30A (1ф)0-6, 30A (1ф)0-6, 30A (3ф)0-12, 60A (3ф)0-18, 90A (3ф)0-24, 120A (3ф)0-36, 180A (3ф)0-48, 240A (3ф)
Current Limit Set Max (per load)0-6, 30A (1ф)0-12, 60A0-18, 90A0-36, 180A0-54, 270A0-72, 360A0-108, 540A0-144, 720A
Power Limit Set Max (1, Split, 3ф)4kW8, 8kW12, 8, 12kW24, 16, 24kW36, 24, 36kW48, 36, 48kW72, 48, 72kW96, 64, 96kW
Maximum Reactive Power10.5kVA21kVA31.5kVA63kVA94.5kVA126kVA189kVA252kVA
DC Loading Programmability
Input Voltage10-400VDC
DC Loading ModesConstant Voltage (CV), Constant Current (CC), Constant Power (CP), Constant Resistance (CR) in any combination
Current Limit Set Ranges0-6, 30A0-12, 60A0-18, 90A0-36, 180A0-54, 270A0-72, 360A0-108, 540A0-144, 720A
Power Limit Set Max0-4kW0-8kW0-12kW0-24kW0-36kW0-48kW0-72kW0-96kW
* The above specifications show typical configurations & subject to change. Contact NH Research, Inc. for further information.

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regenerative ac load - model 9430

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Application Testing

The Regenerative AC Load – Model 9430 is useful for testing the following applications & products:
UPSs, AC Sources, Inverters, Rectifiers, Switches, Circuit Breakers, Fuses & More!

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