Power Electronics Test Systems & Instruments

NH Research, Inc. designs and manufactures power electronics test systems and instruments as well as complete turn-key test systems. Its products are used worldwide by manufacturers in the switching DC power supply, UPS, battery and battery charger industries. Applications typically involve either characterization or final test of customer products where a combination of advanced measurements, rapid test times and ease of setup and use are important.

Battery Test / Battery Emulation Testing

high power battery charge discharge test system 9200 series
This type of test system consists of a complete test solution for electrified vehicle batteries that require power cycling or simulated drive cycle profiles to determine long term performance.

Power Supply Test Systems

power supply functional test system s450 seriesThis type of test system consists of test solutions for the functional testing of DC power supplies, UPSs and similar power conversion components.

AC & DC Electronic Loads

AC & DC Sources

AC & DC Regenerative

regenerative grid simulator model 9410
The NH Research, Inc. 9410 Grid Simulator can provide a 1Φ, 2Φ, or 3Φ simulated utility connection while allowing per-phase controls for amplitude, wave shape, & the relative to a phase angle relationship. These features allow testing of any number of AC conditions including phase imbalance (in voltage and/or phase angle relationship), voltage sag, frequency changes, & harmonic injection. The included measurement system removes the need for an additional power meters, DMMs, oscilloscopes, or spectrum analyzers.

The 9200 Battery Test System includes a charge mode, a discharge mode, & a state of the art battery emulation mode which allows testing of a battery or electronically-emulating a battery. Using battery emulation replaces a real battery thereby eliminating risks associated with a battery failure even those potentially caused by a unit-under-test (UUT) failure. Additionally, battery emulation produces faster and more consistent testing by eliminating battery-related preparation time, operator errors, ∓ result variations due to temperature or aging.

Test Management Software

enerchron 2.0 test management softwareThese software suites incorporates all the necessary features for you to take full advantage of NH Research, Inc.’s power electronics test systems and instruments, while substantially speeding up your test process.

Product Selector Guides

AC & DC Electronic Load Product Selector Guide

programmable ac electronic load 4600 seriesThis Product Selector Guide will assist you in selecting the appropriate AC or DC Electronic Load for your application.