DC Power Supply Testing

Power Supply Test Systems

The full spectrum of DC power supply testing is optimally covered with four different series of testers from NH Research, Inc. (NHR):

  • For DC-DC converter and adapter testing, the Multi-Channel Tester – S600 Series offers a compact, instrument-priced tester that has all the capability of large test systems combined with faster-than-ever test speeds.
  • For AC-DC supplies with mid-range power levels, the Model 535 provides a highly streamlined test system that guarantees the most cost-efficient testing for this highly competitive class of supply.
  • For both AC-DC and DC-DC testing, the Universal Test System – Model 5600 offers a wide range of power levels and instrumentation options together with the remarkable benefits of waveform digitization.
  • To address the challenges of more comprehensive uninterruptible power supply test, a universal UPS test system, the Universal UPS/Inverter Test System – Model 5500, that features a programmable AC electronic load and waveform digitizing measurements has established new standards for test coverage and tester throughput.

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Power Supply Test Systems

DC Power Supply Test Systems

dc power supply testing - functional test system s450 seriesThis type of test system consists of test solutions for the functional testing of DC power supplies, UPSs and similar power conversion components.