high voltage dc electronic load 4700 series

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DC Electronic Load – 4700 Series

High-Current DC Electronic Load for Telecom Rectifier Testing, Traction Battery Testing, Vehicle to Grid (V2G) Testing, & More!

  • 8 sizes – 1 to 36kW @ 120 or 600V
  • High-resolution waveform capture for analysis of dynamic transients
  • 18 built-in, precision voltage, current, power and timing measurements that eliminate additional dedicated measurement instruments
  • Isolated digital inputs and outputs for test fixture support
  • PC/LAN control using LabVIEW & IVI drivers
  • Optional touch-panel user interface

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There are 2-types of programmable dc electronic loads in this general-purpose, medium-to-high-power electronic load family. The 4700 is a relatively low-voltage electronic load (120V) with high-current capability. The High-Voltage DC Electronic Load (4760 Series) is a high-voltage electronic load (600V).

The High-Current DC Electronic Load (4700 Series) is used in a wide variety of applications that involve automated testing of power conversion device outputs to simulate real-world loading conditions. Such devices include DC power supplies, telecom rectifiers, and traction batteries.

Extended Internal Measurements

The High-Current DC Electronic Load eliminates the need for separate external instruments to capture timing and other dynamic measurements during UUT turn-on and turn-off. This is accomplished by incorporating the task-essential features of a DMM, DSO and Transient Generator. With this built-in capability, the 4700 DC Electronic Load can rapidly generate engineering-characterization-like test information at fast test speeds. An additional benefit is savings from fewer measurement instruments, switches and interconnection wiring.

Complex Load Profile Playback

To facilitate ease of re-creating complex, precisely timed, multi-mode load profiles, a 100-step macro-recording capability allows capturing a dynamic sequence for later playback from within the electronic load. Additional complex profiles can be stored in a system controller library for download to the electronic load when required.

4700 Series DC Electronic Load Specifications

Model #4700-14700-24700-34700-64700-124700-184700-244700-36*
* The above specifications show typical configurations. Contact NH Research, Inc. for higher power ratings.
programmable dc electronic load model 4700

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  • Application Testing

    The Model 4700 DC Electronic Load is useful for testing the following applications & products:
    DC Power Supplies, Power Conversion, Telecom Rectifiers, Traction Batteries, Vehicle to Grid (V2G) Testing

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