Slide backgroundOver 50 Years In Business - NH Research, Inc. (NHR)
For use with automated charge/discharge cycling of
batteries, energy storage components, & more!
  • Dual range 1200V/167A & 600/V333A @ 100kW
  • Scalable to 1.2MW/4000A
  • Regenerative & highly efficient (>90%)
  • Battery Emulation Mode

Fast Acting, Bi-Directional,
& Fully Programmable,
DC Source/DC Load - 9300 Series

Speed, Automation, Regeneration

Slide backgroundOver 50 Years In Business - NH Research, Inc. (NHR)
AC Power Source with HiVAR Technology ideal for ATE use
in aviation, aerospace, defense, military/mission critical testing,
manufacturing test, research & development (R&D) & more!
  • 7 models – 8kW/21kVA to 96kW/252kVA
  • Flexible configuration with single, split, & 3-phase operation.
  • HiVARTM design eliminates derating True Power capability
    due to reactive loads.
  • Built-in measurements simplify fixtures

AC Power Source Model 9420
with HiVARTM Technology

Take ATE To The Next Level

Slide backgroundOver 50 Years In Business - NH Research, Inc. (NHR)
For automated characterization, power cycling, & life-cycle
testing of low voltage/high current batteries & more! Ideally
suited for low voltage/high current, large format batteries (LFB)
typically used in energy storage systems (ESS).
  • Single output up to 40V/3,600A/72kW per system
  • Parallel expansion up to 7,200A
  • Built-in digital measurements including Ah & kWH
  • Multiple safety layers to protect battery/DUT

NEW! Low Voltage/High Current
Battery Cycler - 9220 Series

Dual Bay Cabinet Design

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